Owner Services

As a Cottages property owner, you want to know the issues affecting your interests-and learn about key ownership events. For all inquiries, please contact Taylor Martin, Director of Owner Services, at 231.439.4088 or tmartin@innatbayharbor.com

Owner Incentives*

The following is a review of the incentive programs available to owners at BOYNE Resorts. You can increase your rental unit bookings and promote your partnership with BOYNE Resorts. Four distinct incentive programs are available to choose from, allowing you the flexibility to fit the discount level you wish to give your family, friends or associates. .   

BoyneRewards Incentive

Owners referring bookings to any BOYNE Michigan rental management unit(s) receives two BoyneRewards points for each $1 value of the booked unit(s) room rate, prior to taxes, upon fulfillment of the lodging stay. Your guests should contact Central Reservations at the time of booking, making sure to mention your name during the referral process. Doing so ensures they receive an additional 5% discount on the room rate as an incentive for booking directly through BOYNE Resorts. The 5% discount does not apply towards group bookings. All owners should ensure they are enrolled in the BoyneRewards program to receive points, to sign up online please visit boynerewards.com. BoyneRewards are credited to your account on a biweekly basis and after your guests have completed their stay.

20% Friends and Family

Guests must request this incentive by name at the time of reservation request.  Guests receive a 20% discount on lodging only and must present a certificate upon check-in. Property owners need to request the certificate from Owner Services.

Owner Participation Program (OPP)

This program allows owners the ability to partner with BOYNE Resorts' Central Reservation to help generate additional bookings of their unit. Under the OPP, management fees paid to the resort are reduced if the guest is new to BOYNE Resorts or is a repeat guest to your unit under this program. Contact your Owner Service representative for more information.

Friends and Family Certificates

Owners who participate in BOYNE Rental Management will receive certificates seasonally for $20 BOYNE Lift Tickets, $20 Avalanche Bay admissions and $25 Golf Rounds based on the size of the units. 

Club Membership

Please contact Keriann Lonnee, Director of Membership, 231.439.4022, for more information about becoming a member of Bay Harbor Golf Club or Country Club of Boyne.

*Incentive programs may not be combined.